Manifesting a New Home

How to Manifest a New Home – My Documented Journey

Goal: New Home | Status: Manifested

What We Want:

4 – 5 bedrooms, open floor plan, two story family room, separate office space, an all white large spacious kitchen with an island, 2-car garage and a wooded backyard.

Obstacles We Faced:

CREDIT: My credit wasn’t always amazing so I visualized having an 800+ credit score. I began researching how to get and maintain stellar credit and then started acting like someone who had amazing credit. I paid off all of our credit cards. This took about 6 months but once I committed to it, we began to see extra funds come in frequently and we used that to pay down our debt. Once I paid down our credit cards, I rotated them out to pay all of our bills every month (for the cash back rewards) and they were paid in full before the end of the month. My credit is now in the high 700’s and I am aiming to be in the 800’s by the time I apply for our mortgage.

INCOME & SAVINGS: Being self-employed sometimes makes getting a mortgage a little tricky. I had to make the decision to not write-off as much as I could on my taxes so I showed adequate income to get a mortgage. This meant paying more in taxes over the past 2 years. We also needed to build up our savings so we had enough to put down on a home and show for reserves.

My Beliefs & Manifesting Strategy:

I strongly believe the perfect home is already out there for my family. I know it will be in my exact price range and will be 100% what we are looking for and more.

For this goal, I created a Pinterest board of what my home will look like. As a non-specific manifestor (Human Design), I rely strongly on how the house will feel and less on the specific details of the home. I will be using the 3 S’s to achieve this goal: See it (visualize), Script it (Writing it out as it has already been achieved) and Say it (speaking about the home and our plans when we move in).

ANCHOR OBJECTS: A brand new Christmas tree and a yellow gold tea kettle.

The Journey:

Below is a step by step documentation of how I manifested our new home. I will be checking in weekly or bi-weekly to update progress and give specific steps I take to achieve this goal.

December 2020:

We are already working with a real estate agent and we have narrowed our search down to 3 lake towns. Our goal is to be close to the water because our family loves being on the lake. I’ve already sat down with a mortgage broker to discuss exactly what we need to move forward. Our first goal is to be fully approved for our mortgage by February 2021. As we stand right now, we are already approved so just waiting to file our 2020 taxes to have a good average income over the last 2 years. I started a Pinterest board and have been adding inspiration photos of what I want our home to look/feel like.

I purchased a new Christmas tree and yellow gold tea kettle to use as anchor objects and every time I see them I say – “Thank you for our beautiful new home that is perfect for us”.

I’ve also used my Dinner Party Story Starter to visualize myself hosting our friends and family over in our new home.

January 2021:

Full manifestation story coming soon!

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