Dinner Party Story Starter

Dinner Party Story Starter

Are you looking to attract new friends? Make this a story about having good vibe friends over. Are you manifesting an amazing relationship? This story starter can become your 10th-anniversary party. Is a new home your goal? You can quickly adapt the
story below to fit your needs.


The dinner party story starter is PERFECT for so many goals because you can easily change it to a celebration for ANYTHING. You can change this story starter to fit any celebration brunch/lunch/dinner (think work promotion, thriving business, baby shower, etc.).

Setting the Scene (Story Starters)

(O is for OBSERVE)

Think about where you are. Is this dinner party at a restaurant, catered at an event hall or an intimate affair at your home? Next, who is there with you? Is it a fantastic group of friends, family, co-workers, business partners, etc.? What are you wearing and how is your hair styled? See yourself looking amazing! Fill in any other details to help make this feel real.

Ready Set Visualize

(R is for Relish)
Below is my housewarming dinner party visualization as I see it. Again, feel free to visualize this differently to fit with your goals.

I look up at the time, and it’s 6 o’clock. Our guests should be arriving any moment now. I am so excited to show them our new home. I look around, and everything is perfect. Our new house feels warm and cozy. I look around and smile because we furnished it exactly the way I always imagined. I look over at the large dining table that is set in preparation for our guests. I’ve ordered catering from our favorite Italian restaurant, and I can smell the aroma of our favorite meals – chicken and eggplant parmesan.

I head over to a mirror to do a quick glance over. I’m wearing my favorite black dress, and it fits my curves amazingly. My hair is long and shiny, and my makeup is lightly applied and looks very natural. I smile back at my reflection in the mirror and feel the anticipation for the night ahead.

I hear the doorbell ring, and I rush over to the door to greet my guests. I open the large wooden door, and I’m welcomed with their smiling faces. I hear myself saying, “Come on in! Welcome to our new home. You can place your bags on the hooks right there.” I give everyone a quick hug, and once they are all settled, I offer them a tour of our new place. My best friend says, “Wow, this place is amazing. I love the furniture you picked out.” And I thank her. I am filled with such gratitude because owning this type of home has been a dream for us. Once the tour is complete, we head back to the dining room, and everyone takes a seat.

The food is served family-style, where everyone fills their plate and passes it on to the next person. I open up a few bottles of wine, and you can hear the laughter, talking and glasses clinking around me. It’s such an amazing feeling having my friends and family over to celebrate this huge milestone, and I can feel the gratitude rise inside me. I stand up, tap my wine glass with a spoon and tell everyone how much I appreciate them in my life and how grateful I am that they supported my husband and I in this home buying journey. I finish my speech by saying I look forward to making so many memories in this home. I sit down, and everyone smiling.

We continue talking and having a great time together. Once dinner is finished, my husband and I clear off the table and bring out a few trays of pastries, cookies, and coffee. The laughter and conversation continue for hours, and time seems to fly by.

Our guests are ready to leave, and I give them each a hug and let them know that I appreciate them taking the time to come out and have dinner with us. I escort the last guest to the door and close it softly behind them. I look over at my husband with a huge smile on my face because this is precisely how I wanted our first dinner party in our new home to go.

Need help crafting a unique story for your goals?

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Dinner Party Story Starter

Dinner Party Story Starter

The dinner party story starter is PERFECT for so many goals. Can be adapted for attracting new friends, a new home, or even an amazing relationship.

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