Couple having a romantic dinner backyard

Backyard Romantic Evening Story Starter

Do you want to spice up your current relationship? Are you ready to attract your soulmate? Do you struggle with creating a vivid visualization of what a healthy relationship looks like for you?

No worries! I got you covered. Below are the story starter questions to ask yourself before crafting your backyard romantic evening visualization, and I’ll script out my visualization so you can see how it works!

Setting the Scene (Story Starters)

(O is for OBSERVE)

Think about where you are. Are you in your backyard, a private area in a park, or on your balcony/patio? Next, picture your ideal partner or your current partner. What are they wearing, what do they look like (if you don’t already know), add characteristics that you would like in your ideal partner. Add some additional details. What food did they bring for this intimate evening, are you guys drinking sparkling water, wine, beers, or soda? Do you sit on a bench or on the floor, etc.? What are you wearing and how is your hair styled? See yourself looking exactly as you’d like! Fill in any other details to help make this feel real.

Ready Set Visualize

(R is for Relish)

Below is my backyard romantic evening visualization as I see it. Again, feel free to visualize this differently to fit with your goals & specifics.

I’m on my way home from work, feeling wonderful in every way. The day seemed to fly by, and I can’t wait to see my other half. Before I start driving, I send my love a quick text to let him know I’ll be home soon, and I find some music that makes me feel good. As I listen to the radio, I can feel my vibe rising. I feel so amazing! I arrive home and quickly let myself in the door. There are lanterns strategically placed along our front hallway and little arrows pointing to our patio doors. I’m filled with both excitement and suspense. I love how spontaneous my love is and how he thinks about me in these unique ways.

I put my bags down to the side and begin to follow the laid-out path. I pass by the hall mirror, peek and realize I might be a bit overdressed in my suit set. I remove the jacket to reveal a white light camisole tucked into my blue skirt. It’s the perfect ensemble for this beautiful summer evening. I remove my shoes and tousle my hair as I let it down, so it frames my face. I smile brightly and continue heading to our back doors.

I can see my partner sitting on a blanket and pillows outside in our backyard. There are lights strung around our deck, and lanterns illuminate the floor. I open the French door, enter my back deck, and softly close the door behind me. I turn to see the face of this beautiful man. He says, “Are you surprised?” to which I exclaim, “YES! Thank you so much for this!” He offers me a seat on a pillow next to him, which I graciously accept, and he proceeds to pull out the picnic dinner has prepared.

Our meal begins with a wine and cheese platter. He has chosen my favorite cheeses from Brie to Gouda, as well as some fruits to compliment the dish. I love how he knows what I love and goes out of his way to make me feel special. After we feast on the cheese and have some wine, he introduces the main meal – sandwiches. We laugh at the simplicity of it, and he says, “Hey, I started complex to end easy!”. I love the way we are so in sync. We laugh together all the time and vibe on a different level.

We finish our meal and continue to sip on our glasses of wine while we snuggle outside. We kiss and reminiscence of our first few dates and how we knew we were meant to be together. I am so happy to have found this man, the man who truly completes me and I make sure I let him know that often.

Need help crafting a unique story for your goals?

I am beyond excited to help you “see” your goals into existence. Visualization Aid Coaching might be the answer to your visualization struggles.


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Couple having a romantic dinner backyard

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